Care of Milk Nozzles and Frothers

If these become blocked and have been cleaned with cappuccino cleaning fluid. Try soaking in a solution of biological washing detergent or failing that give them a soak in de-scaler.
Do not run hot water through the nozzles - or put them in the dishwasher, as they will stop working properly.

Jura have discontinued the Litre bottles of Milk System Cleaner and switched to dispenser pots of granules with a dispenser built into the cap,
refills are available to reduce the cost. two sizes are available; 90g and 180g to suit domestic and commercial machines.

Cappuccino air Valves

In order to produce milk foam a precise amount of air has to be mixed into the milk. Older jura machines have an external air valve shaped like a mushroom attached to the milk nozzle. do not molest the air valve when cleaning it, the wedge shaped diaphragm at the bottom of it is very delicate. most of the newer machines have an automatic way of switching between flat and foamy milk, there is still a diaphragm behind the front nozzle cover which needs treating with respect.

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