Advice on Jura Impressa and GIGA Coffee Machines.

Virtually all the Jura range have the same requirements in terms of maintenance and care. The major causes of problems with these machines are a build-up of lime scale and putting the wrong items in either the grinder, pre-ground coffee chute or the water tank.

lime scale and Water care Pre Ground Coffee Chute Grinder Care Water Tank use and Care Drip tray

User replaceable parts can be obtained from the Jura UK Spares website.

Milk Nozzles and Frothers

If these become blocked and have been cleaned with cappuccino cleaning fluid. Try soaking in a solution of biological washing detergent or failing that give them a soak in de-scaler.
Do not run hot water through the nozzles - or put them in the dishwasher, as they will stop working properly.

Jura are discontinuing the Litre bottles of Milk System Cleaner and switching to small pots of granules with a dispenser built into the cap,
refills are available to reduce the cost. View details on Jura's website Here .

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